July 20, 2014/posted in: Reviews

Artforum, Critics’ Picks, Mirrors, Marks and Loops

At a time when the video loop is still a convention in moving-image presentation, it’s refreshing to see Philadelphia-based duo Nadia Hironaka and Matthew Suib demand more of it than sheer utility. Their six new video works pair masterfully written voice-overs with digital and documentary footage for an exploration of the loop as both time-saver and time traveler.

July 15, 2014/posted in: Reviews

The Inquirer, review of Mirrors, Marks and Loops

Rather than presenting one dramatically large video installation, as they did for their last show at Locks Gallery, in 2012, the filmmaking team of Matthew Suib and Nadia Hironaka now have taken the opposite approach. Their current show at Locks, “Mirrors, Marks & Loops,” is a cineaste’s dream and my idea of the perfect visual torment: six videos, all running continuously in the ground-floor gallery.

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Title Magazine, review of Mirrors, Marks and Loops

Locks Gallery’s Mirrors, Marks & Loops, featuring new video works by collaborative artists Nadia Hironaka and Matthew Suib, greets the viewer with a curious whirring sound upon stepping into the gallery. The sound’s source emits from a 16 mm film projector which casts a peculiar image upon the wall, where a chunk of gleaming pyrite (or “fool’s gold”) is suspended, continually revolving in midair against the backdrop of a forest.

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The Artblog, review of Mirrors, Marks and Loops

Beginning with the massive floor-to-ceiling HD video installation, Ascension (with Cat), the exhibition at Locks Gallery immerses you in the pair’s perceptual experimentations. In the piece, playing cards, pocket change, autumn leaves, and other ordinary objects from the couple’s home are freed from gravity’s rules and drift upward in repeating loops through a flat and indeterminate space.

June 17, 2012/posted in: Reviews

1967 Reviewed in the May 2012 issue of Art in America

PHILADELPHIA Nadia Hironaka and Matthew Suib’s 1967 (2011), a multichannel video installation, is a colorful and synesthetic tour-de-force work that combines borrowed and original moving images, including scenes from Godard’s film La Chinoise (1967), footage of the Montreal Expo from the same year, Chinese film from the Cultural Revolution and YouTube videos of recent Arab […]

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1967 reviews in print and online

The multi-channel installation version of 1967 at Locks Gallery has been the subject of a number of thoughtful reviews. Read on…