2011, Nadia Hironaka and Matthew Suib with C Spencer Yeh & Aaron Moore
HD video with sound, performance, live teleconference
Running time: 3:00 (trailer)

Hironaka, Suib, Yeh & Moore present a multimedia event that revisits the spectacle and phantasmagoria of the 1967 International and Universal Exposition — more commonly known as Expo 67. Recast in the leading role is Veronique, the protagonist of La Chinoise — Godard’s 1967 rumination on Maoism and France’s New Left student movement. Intending to answer the New Left’s call for revolutionary action, Veronique heads for Montreal’s World Fair to challenge the Cultural Machine in a clash of utopian visions. Equal parts cinema, performance, text and teleconference, 1967 is a meditation on the role of the artist and the revolutionary relative to historical developments in global politics and media.

Event Documentation – Running time: 46:00 (edited from 75:00)

Single-channel exhibition version – Running time: 27:04

Installation Views