Bright White Light

Nadia Hironaka & Matthew Suib in collaboration with SCRAAATCH
Light & sound installation with performance at Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, May 2017

Bright White Light​, ​Hironaka and Suib’s collaboration with​ ​SCRAAATCH​,​ ​​involved​ ​a series of lighting​​ ​fixtures modified to emit sound​.​ ​​The sound in Bright White Light​ was sourced from a live performance of SCRAAATCH No. 11 at the gallery during the opening reception of Dark Light on Friday, May 19th at​ ​6:30pm. SCRAAATCH, the Philadelphia-based artist duo of E. Jane and chukwumaa, uses electronic music, experimental composition and performance as starting points to engage feelings and thoughts concerning inhabitants of the Black diaspora. Originally performed at the New Museum, SCRAAATCH No. 11 explores a collection of performance gestures, productions, field recordings and sound design elements to realize an aleatory composition dealing with haunting.

Installation View