Moon Viewing Platform

Above: Trailer for Moon Viewing 

Nadia Hironaka & Matthew Suib with Eugene Lew
Public art installation and festival, Philadelphia, October 2019

Moon Viewing Platform is an interdisciplinary public installation, transforming a neglected stretch of open-air land into a large-scale viewing garden featuring a film projected across a 150′ wide building facade and a series of musical performances. The garden/installation was inspired by karesansui (Japanese dry landscape garden), and during its development, provided the setting for the film Moon Viewing. The film and installation invited viewers to enter another world for a moment––through the senses and the imagination––to engage in commemorative gatherings that celebrate creativity, compassion and community as essential components of human life.

Moon Viewing Platform hosted public performances by Joshua Abrams and Natural Information Society, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Anaïs Maviel, Harold E. Smith, Bismuth Quartet, Hyunjin Cha, Keir Neuringer, Keisuke Yamada, and Brooke Sietinsons / Nathalie Shapiro / Tara Burke (trio).

Above: Moon Viewing (Excerpt) / Full Moon

Installation View