The Continuous Moment, Part 1

2014, HD video with sound, 8:00

The Continuous Moment, Part 1 presents a speculative history where the radical Italian architecture collective Superstudio’s proposed Continuous Monument has been realized and must be maintained by a lone window washer. As a structure of power, visitors can look out the mirrored windows which cover the building, but it reflects the gaze of those looking in. Drawing attention to multiple perspectives that both provide new truths or challenges the gaze of the viewer.

The Continuous Moment Part 1, 2014, imagines a dystopia in which the proposal for a “continuous monument” by a 1960s radical Italian architectural collective has been realized on a global scale. The result is disastrous: Corporate-style glass walls stretch around the world, perverting a critical idea into a hegemonic structure. An adjacent video, Routine Maintenance, 2014, shows a lone window-washer cleaning the monument’s mirrored surface. Thanks to the internal mechanism of the video loop, he toils under the sun of a workday that is only ever just getting started.

-Katherine Rochester, Artforum

Installation Views

Installation Documentation – Running time: 3:55